Beauties & Bombs

Growing up I saw my share of beautiful bombs and beautiful women, and they both had a strong impact on me. Looking back I guess I spent a good part of my younger years pursuing both of them. Being born in the 1950s I had a chance to see the look of these Brown Beauties change over the decades. From the teased and high ratted hair of the 1960s, to the feathered winged hair of the 1970s. Whether it was on the Blvd, at the park, or at a wedding. Whether they were all dressed up, or they casually put on one of my hats. It seemed to me like these Beauties and these Bombs just went together, and those images are forever etched in my mind. To the women who were the inspiration for these paintings…by passing through my mind, my life, or even my heart, I dedicate these paintings to them.